Terms and conditions


the Roberto Ronchi company, which proposes the offer, specifies:

The washigton navel orange tree remains and will remain the property of Roberto Ronchi.

The term adoption has no legal value and is used in the context of a promotional and marketing initiative.

The duration of the contract is ANNUAL and tacit renewal is expressly excluded.

If the initiative was satisfactory and the products to their liking, the adopter must expressly express their will, paying a new adoption fee. It is possible to adopt more trees.

The company undertakes to inform the adopter by e-mail about all the cultivation operations carried out on the adopted plant

The company undertakes to send by e-mail the certificate of adoption for each plant adopted containing the date of start of adoption and expiration and the name given at the time of adoption.

The company undertakes to send, without additional shipping costs, to the address indicated, the quantity of oranges produced by the plant adopted in the terms relating to the offer chosen.

The sale of oranges produced by the tree adopted is regulated by art. 1472 of the Italian Civil Code

The shipment of the oranges will take place as soon as the fruits are ripe, approximately from mid-January.

The adopter will be notified of the complete ripeness of the fruit and will choose the week in which to receive the product.

In the event of all exceptional events, including natural disasters recognized as such by the Region of Sardinia or by the bodies responsible for declaring the calamity on the basis of the legislation in force, i.e. in all those atmospheric events that cause damage to the plant, fruit or ‘integrity of the fruit itself, making it unmarketable or making the plant in a condition not to produce, no responsibility can be attributed to the company and the fee paid for the adoption of the tree is not refundable.

This contract will be registered at the expense of the party who intends to make use of it.


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